Who does UnderDog work for?

UnderDog works for you.  You are the boss.  You have the power to fire me.  

Does UnderDog Wealth Management have control over my assets?

No.  Never.  And Definitely not.  UnderDog Wealth Management Client Assets are held at Pershing, LLC, which is an independent third-party custodian.  I have no authority to move your UnderDog Wealth Management Client Assets from your account.  Your money can only leave the account one of two ways: 1) electronically to your bank account with your signature 2) in a check written out to the owner(s) of the account sent to the address of record.  

Are my assets commingled with other clients?

No.  Your assets are in your account, period.  All assets managed by UnderDog Wealth Management are held in the client's specific account completely segregated from any other assets.  They are not commingled with any other assets of any individual or any firm at any time.

Can UnderDog place trades in my account without my approval?

Even if I could, I wouldn't.  But I can't.  I purposefully manage your assets held at UnderDog Wealth Management on a non-discretionary authority.  The term 'non-discretionary' means that I must obtain permission from you prior to making a change within your account.  This is to further protect the clients I serve to be sure they are aware of what is happening in their account.  I make recommendations to you, but I must get your permission prior to making a change in your account.  Once permission is received, I will go ahead and make the change.  

Do I really need wealth management? Isn't that for the wealthy?

Wealth management is actually more valuable to those who are not wealthy.  Chances are, the wealthy will be just fine on their own.  It's the middle class and average wage earners that will benefit the most from good wealth management.  UnderDog Wealth Management is redefining wealth management for the middle class, because they're the ones that need it most.  

How much money do I need to work with UnderDog Wealth Management?

Everyone deserves access to a financial professional.  There are no minimum asset requirements at UnderDog Wealth Management.  I feel a great reward helping individuals and families with modest assets.  Most of my clients range between $10,000 to $250,000 in assets.  My goal is to build lifelong relationships with my clients, regardless of account balance.  Everyone deserves access to a financial professional.  Call me.  Remember, everybody started somewhere.

How much does it cost?

Everyone has a crazy uncle with free advice on how to get rich.  But no one provides qualified wealth management for free.  Your fees depend on the amount of your assets being managed at UnderDog Wealth Management which we will discuss in advance.

Our fees are simple and straightforward.  I don't accept referral fees, finder's fees or any type of 'kickbacks'.  The fee comes out directly from your account on a monthly basis.  I do not earn commissions from selling mutual funds, so my account management recommendations are not in conflict with how I get compensated.

How is the fee paid?

The fee is automatically deducted from your account on a monthly basis.  Some firms charge this type of fee quarterly in advance; however, I believe in providing the service to my clients first and then charging the fee.  Therefore, my fee is charged on a monthly basis in arrears. You will receive a monthly statement that outlines your account activity as well as your fees.  

Are you a fiduciary and what does that mean to me?

Yes.  I act in a fiduciary capacity.  Acting as a fiduciary means I have a duty to act in my client's best interest only and never in my own personal best interest.  Fiduciaries must always act in complete fairness and may not ever exert any influence or pressure, take advantage, or deal with a client in such a way that it benefits them or prejudices the client.  

Will my information remain confidential with UnderDog?

There is nothing more loyal than a good dog.  At UnderDog, your confidence and peace of mind is my first priority.  I will never discuss, or release your personal private information with anyone, ever.  Your relationship with me is private and confidential and I maintain this commitment to confidentiality in all of my work protocols.  

Can I leave UnderDog at any time.  

You are in control of your money.  If you ever want to end our partnership, you may do so at anytime.  I promise to swiftly assist you in transferring your accounts.  

What makes UnderDog tick.  

Check out the Meet Anthony page.  If you'd like to know more, just call and ask me anything.  763-497-3000.  I'm an open book, with dog-eared pages.