The First Step

None of us were born with the ability to walk.  We all leaned on something for a while until we had the courage to take our first step.  Financial planning is a lot like that.  First we find someone or someplace we feel comfortable leaning on, until we feel good about taking our first step.  My primary objective is to make you feel comfortable.  Secure.  And steady. Then and only then do we start to map out your financial plan.  With an emphasis on "your." Your situation is unique to everyone else and your financial plan should reflect that.  I get to know what makes you tick.  What you want out out of your life.  Where you are now and realistically where you want to be? Then we get started on a plan.  Your plan will live and breathe with your changing life and the changing market.

Retirement Planning

From IRA's to pension plans, I can simplify your choices and outline options that will make you comfortable and excited to get started.  Are you still leaning on the coffee table waiting to take that first step because you're afraid you'll be all alone?  Look no further.  UnderDog was created just for people like you.  Call me.  If after one meeting, you’re still not comfortable and ready to get started, I understand.  We'll talk again. 

Education Planning

Few things in life compare to having a child.  Nine months of anticipation followed by 18 years of joy, pride, and "how the heck are we going to pay for college?"  Again, the goal at UnderDog is to help you relax, and feel good about the day you move your child into a dorm room, say goodbye, and write a very big check.  Education funds are simple to start and exciting to watch grow.  Especially if you start them early. 

Tax Planning

There are legal, smart, savvy ways to structure your finances to keep Uncle Sam from taking more than his share.  Having someone on your side who knows income and inheritance tax requirements is very important.  Financial growth starts with managing your resources in the most tax efficient manner.  Often times, Uncle Sam seems too big for his britches, so I get a personal thrill out of helping people with tax planning. 

Estate Planning

Typically estate planning involves things like a will, power of attorney, healthcare directive and a trust.  These documents are prepared by attorneys.  But as your financial planner, I can encourage you to select the best attorney for your needs, and with your permission, directly discuss your situation with them on your behalf.